Production Coordinator- NY

Experience Delivery


JOB SUMMARY: The Production Coordinator provides support to project teams of all types by proactively completing tasks to keep the project team organized and prepared. They are responsible for ensuring all critical logistical details are handled precisely and efficiently. They are also responsible for taking a proactive role in learning about our clients and our client’s role in their company, gaining exposure to the concept of creating an audience experience and serving as mentors to the Production Assistants.
Discover/ Design
• Serve as Proposal Coordinator by playing a proactive role in ensuring timely completion of all proposal deliverables
• Coordinate completed graphics and speaker support materials for programs
• Create and update project forms, schedules, video call sheets, release forms, and binders for distribution to client and team members
• Order, track and coordinate all required project materials (office equipment, props, media etc.)
• Arrange for material delivery and return from venue or shoot
• Coordinate travel arrangements for project teams
• Maintain crew meal schedule and coordinate on-site catering or craft service
• Research vendors, venues, materials, and other resources as needed
• Book shoot locations and crews, as necessary and at the direction of project teams / producer
• Research and book guest speakers and talent at the direction of project teams / producer
• Research source footage, music, etc. as requested
• Work with appropriate parties to obtain required insurance certificates, permits and security clearances
• Provide any needed project support to all team members 
• May be required to communicate directly with the client
• Provide media editing on smaller projects, as requested
• Assist with dubbing, DVD creation, compressions and client uploads 
• Clearly communicate updates on project status, contracts and invoices
• Assist Producers in processing vendor invoices and actualizing budgets
• Work with production team to archive project assets both onsite and in pre and post production
Office Responsibilities 
• Coordinate, schedule and attend all project and team meetings; take and distribute minutes/ notes
• Input and maintain data in project management systems
• Perform other duties as assigned which may include providing support for other departments
• Assemble, track, & reorder materials for PA kits on an ongoing basis 
Skills, Knowledge & Abilities
• One to two years of experience in the corporate communications industry
• Knowledge of stage management and show calling a live event
• Exceptional organizational, problem solving and communication skills
• Ability to work well under pressure in a fast paced, dynamic environment
• Ability to manage small projects or portions of projects with Producer oversight
• Proficient in MS office, Mac and/or PC
• Resourceful, proactive and positive
• Passion for providing excellent service and quality work
• Willing and able to travel extensively
HOURS:  The normal office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (40 hours per week).  However, due to the nature and the scope of this position, days and hours may fluctuate.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Ability to perform job duties that may include an average amount of lifting (+ or – 35 lbs.), sitting, bending, stooping and standing is required.
TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS:  Heavy travel is associated with this position.  Travel for InVision related business is reimbursable at the amount allotted under state & federal guidelines.  
EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE:  This position requires minimum one to two years of experience in the event production industry.