Office Manager, NY






The New York Office Manager is a great entry point into InVision. This position has great opportunity for advancment. This position is responsible for maintaining a highly organized, efficient, and happy office culture by managing office operations and processes. The Office Manager is also the administrator, implementer, maintainer of IT, HR, and Finance systems and provides training to new and existing employees through onboarding, IVLeague, and other methods as needed. 

  • Continuously think of ways to improve employee experiences and brainstorm new ways to update office processes  

  • Manages incoming guests, by phone or in person in a professional and helpful manner, makes them comfortable, and informs contact of their arrival   

  • Maintain a fun, energetic, and positive work environment by spearheading office parties, lunches, fun days, and company offsites 

  • Work under the direction of NY General Manager and assist is overall operations tasks (work with building on maintenance/drills, office moves, office budget, etc.) 

  • Be a leader of the Culture Club and IV League task forces to Implement new culture and training procedures 

  • Manage office trainings and implementation and liase with headquarters and satellite offices in this regard. 

  • Work closely with the Director of Operations to review current office and company procedures and implement changes to make operations more efficient, sustainable and fun 

  • Manage onboarding processes and ensure new and existing employees receive proper training as needed 

  • Be a satellite extension to HR, IT, and Finance departments 

  • Learn and master systems used internally to be a resource to all employees 


  • Responsible for overall efficiency and appearance of New York Office, including: 

  • Purchase and maintenance of office equipment and furniture. 

  • Alarm system and security administration: adding/deleting staff, maintain master code list, maintaining door codes 

  • Ensure that IVC is as environmently focused as possible  

  • Serving as main point of contact to building management company  

  • Ensure that kitchen and refrigerator are kept stocked & clean and that dishwasher is loaded and unloaded each day 

  • Ensure that conference rooms and overall office space are kept clean on an ongoing basis 

  • Maintain inventory of all office keys, ensuring that new employees are provided with keys and that keys are retrieved from terminated employees  

  • Maintain instructions for accessing and utilizing materials during absences 

  • Serving as main point of contact to building management company as well as outside vendors 

  • Ensuring availability and service of couriers and ground transportation for traveling colleagues 

  • Managing office space including set up of new hires and employee moves. 

  • Research new vendors for facility and office needs and negotiate rates 

  • Manage all incoming/outgoing mail and deliveries including USPS, FedEx and UPS   

  • Track and maintain employee location, schedules, and contact information on a daily basis 

  • Track attendance at staff meetings, take notes, and provide absent employees with location of staff meeting information  

  • Maintain instructions for accessing and utilizing materials during absences 

  • Maintain petty cash and ensure it is properly stocked 

  • Properly open and close office daily 

  • Act as the liason between the New York, Walnut Creek and Chicago offices  

  • Be the go-to person for all office needs; order and manage all office supplies and perform administrative duties 

  • Keep a shopping list and re-stock the kitchen items when necessary 

  • Organize lunch orders when necessary 

  • Research new ways to make the office more efficient and functional. 

  • Assist all employees with general administrative requests including travel arrangements, expense reports, cell phone bills and Amex reports 

  • Purchase, gather signatures and distribute birthday cards and distribute gifts for employees celebrating milestones 

  • Assist InVision staff by gathering tasks, assigning them to New York staff and monitoring completion. 

  • Creating and communicating office calendar of events, and planning, organizing and managing the following internal New York meetings/events: 

  • Weekly Office Meeting – Schedule and communicate meeting times, manage agendas and facilitate meetings 

  • Monthly “Fun Days” – Assist in creating team building activities such as bowling, movies, barbeques, etc.  

  • Special Projects as assigned by Director of Operations and General Manager   


  • Punctual and consistent attendance 

  • Creative problem solving skills 

  • Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail 

  • Excellent communication skills both written and oral 

  • Analytical Skills 

  • Training skills 

  • Ability to work with a diverse group of people 

  • Excellent judgment 

  • Ability to work well under pressure 

  • Ability to quickly learn new systems  

  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize 

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team 

  • Valid Drivers License 

  • Passion for providing excellent service and quality 

 HOURS:  The mandatory working hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (40 hours per week).  

 PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Ability to perform job duties that may include an average amount of lifting (25 or +lbs.), sitting, bending, stooping and standing is required. 

 TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS:  Minimal travel is associated with this position.  Travel for InVision related business is reimbursable at the amount allotted under state & federal guidelines.  

 EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE:  A minimum of two year’s office management experience is desired. Proficiency in the following software programs: Creative Manager Pro, Microsoft Office and Outlook.